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Amber is a photographer living and working in one of the most beautiful parts of the world; the Otway Ranges and Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.  Her love of photography is borne from a childhood steeped in nature. It’s easy to see beauty in everything when you have grown up in days framed with spectacular sunrises, brilliant rainbows, incredible scenery and breathtaking diamond night skies.

When Amber picked up her first camera and began snapping, the responses were so encouraging she eventually built a career around it. Her vocation is to bring out the beauty in the scenic, significant and special.

It is the freshness she brings to every subject that lifts her pictures from the page and this has led to requests for her work for social media campaigns, real estate sales, drone imagery or just simply beautiful framed prints of the people, places, the sea and landscapes where she grew up.


                   te: 0419 540 365

                   CASA Certified

                   RePL Multiroto up to 7kg on 3DRobotics Iris+ 1600g

                   UOC Number CASA.REOC.0136

                   Remote Pilot Licence No 1039443 (ARN)


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